Executive Summary: Proposed Funding Priorities and Issues

A team of active, educated volunteers supported by United Way of St. Joseph County undertook a
comprehensive research project aimed at harnessing the energy and power of community members and
focusing their financial and volunteer resources on attacking the root causes of our community challenges.
Cycles of violence, poverty, addictions, and unemployment are symptoms of the gaps in our interdependent
public and private enterprises.

These community gaps will be bridged by (1) establishing priorities and desired outcomes; (2) creating
service plans to facilitate and enhance partnerships across health and human service providers, public
entities, and private businesses; (3) focusing community resources to implement these bold plans; and (4)
measuring and documenting our collective success in terms of tangible outcomes.

The purpose of this document is to describe the health and human service needs facing residents of St.
Joseph County, Indiana. It is a starting point for community stakeholders to articulate our tangible desired
outcomes. This document and its supporting research will guide United Way volunteers in directing
resources to improve the quality of life for all residents.

Download PDF Needs Assessment Report.